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Welcome to Writers Together, a new and exciting concept for improving wellbeing through the craft of writing. Our mission is threefold - supporting, inspiring and educating. 

No matter whether you are a busy single parent, an active retiree or the CEO of a multi-million company, there is always a place for writing. You may wish to write your life story and share the lessons you've learned. You may wish to inspire the next generation with an incredible tale of heroism or you may simply want to pick up a pen to start on a cathartic journey to emotional wellbeing. 

Words are powerful vessels that convey, inspire and create. Our aim is to help you explore this world of words, and in doing so, achieve your goals. 

We have drawn on decades of experience and training in the world of wellness and writing to bring you unique workshops and online courses that will provide you with the insight you need to realise your writing dreams. From creativity courses to delivering wellness workshops to employees and community groups, our spectrum of choices as Writers Together will satisfy all your writing needs. 

Thank you for visiting Writers Together. Come and join us as we travel through the wonderful world of writing together. 

Susanna and Francesca.



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